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The purpose of consciousness education is to provide individuals with a means to access their optimum potential as human beings.

The word education derives from the Latin word “educere”, which means “to bring out”. An educated person is one who brings out his or her inner knowledge. The essential purpose of true consciousness education IS the process of the natural unfolding, the bringing out of the inner access to universal knowledge, to manifest awareness and joyful, fulfilling expression.

As such, The International University offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees and the opportunity to do Post Doctoral research and study in the field of applied consciousness studies and also provides methodologies and processes for the training and facilitation of conscious evolution.

The applications methodologies that are a major part of these programs are derived from the SYNERGENICS™ materials, a complete body of work comprising a universal system of personal integration, a methodology for transcendence and training and development for the facilitation of conscious evolution.

The very nature of consciousness education, while able to be organized academically, is open-ended and subjective.

To support this, the structure of the University programs is self-directed study with mentoring and on-line tutorials and independent study.

The intended purpose of the courses of study is to offer consciousness studies, and the practical application of those studies in everyday life, in an academic forum for the first time.

The International University, School Of Universal Learning does not discriminate with respect to race, religion, age, gender, nationality or physical disabilities, and where ever possible delivers individual instruction.

The International University is not now accredited nor does it plan to be accredited in the future.

The International University……..out in front……..leading consciousness education forward!!

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