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The International University seeks to attract students with a sense of life purpose, who are intelligent, creative, and demonstrate a high degree of motivation toward personal growth and development. Because a fundamental premise of Consciousness Studies is the unity of knowledge, any previous educational background is appropriate as a foundation for further study in consciousness education. Specific requirements for entrance to degree programs are listed in the appropriate section under Academic Programs. The International University recognizes the value of work experience and personal study and exploration, and factors these learning experiences into an academic equivalence in partial fulfillment of entrance requirements.

The application process is highly personalized. We ask the prospective student to use the online form provided, or to email or write us with the following information:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone/email
  • Previous education
  • Summary of work experience
  • Educational goals
  • Future goals
  • What interests you specifically about the International University's curriculum
  • “You will be contacted by a staff member after we receive your expression of interest, and interviewed either by phone or in person. Final acceptance notification will be sent soon after a decision on admission has been reached.  There is a non-refundable admissions fee of $500 which will be applied to the cost of your final tuition payment at the completion of your program.  Upon receipt of that fee, you will receive a Recommended Course Outline and an amendable study plan to advance you toward degree candidacy.”

    Click HERE Admissions Form.

    Please send your Letter of Interest to:

    The International University
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    email: ness@synergenics.org

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