International University - School Of Universal Learning

Advisory Board

Endre Balogh 

Virtuoso Violinist

Endre, a child prodigy began playing at 3 ½ years of age, playing his first public concerts of classical music at 4.

He was the first American ever to win a scholarship to study with Yehudi Menuhin as a youngster.

His illustrious career in music includes international travel playing as a soloist with many of the major European orchestras, playing with the L.A. Philharmonic and other major U.S. orchestras, and years of teaching at Idlewild in the summers and playing, recording and teaching chamber music.

Endre owns and plays a Stradivarius violin.

Several years ago, his abundant creative mastery expanded to cross-over to fine art photography where, among his accomplishments, he has developed a well respected new technique of black and white photography and is well known for his extraordinary visual accomplishment with depicting Sacred Geometry.



Arseny B. Berezin, PhD

Internationally recognized, visionary scientist and proponent of peace.

  • Member European Physical Society (EPS) and initiated the EPS Conference on Nuclear Winter, integral to the new thinking, leading to the cease of the cold war.
  • Past  Head of Department at the Science/Technology Corporation, instrumental in a number of technology transfer projects
  • Visiting researcher to the Center for International Security and Co-operation and has, for many years, been pivotal in the conversion of defense technology to civilian application for which he was specifically acknowledged by the U.S.A. with a ceremonial flag-raising in his honor over the Capitol in 1995.
  • Past President of St. Petersburg, Russia Rotary Club, and Paul Harris Fellow
  • Invited speaker, Ecumenical Assembly in Basel on "Life with Peace and Justice", 1989/  topic "Protection of the Integrity of Creation".
  • Member of the International Academy of Sciences, Education and Culture, San Francisco.
  • Honorary citizen of both Jackson and Natchez, Mississippi

At present, Dr. Berezin's peace efforts include leadership with the St. Petersburg, Russia Union of Scientists, group titled "Scientists Against Terror"

Leonard Orr

Founder of Rebirthing, Inspiration University and reknown teacher of conscious breathing and spiritual purification.


Atun Re 

Egyptian Master Teacher

Speaking through internationally known, loved and respected Trance Channel, Medium and Healer, Kevin Ryerson, currently working with us from the other side.


Ranjit Sivaprakasam

Global Communications visionary committed to all people being able to be connected with the speed of light.

Founder and current President of SABAN, the South Asian Business Alliance Network.

Founder of Digital Streaming Inc.


Verna V. Aridon Yater, PhD.

Internationally known loved and respected Trance Channel, Medium and Healer, who is currently working with us from the other side.