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Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor’s Degree program in Applied Consciousness Studies is designed to provide the student with an experiential context of the entire field of human awareness and to provide the opportunity for a grounded understanding in both the theory and the practices of consciousness.

The B.A. level coursework is deigned to be a four year undergraduate degree.
The curriculum is based on 12 four month trimesters of study.

Students with applicable equivalent work or study may apply to request inclusion in our accelerated two year upper-level graduate degree program.

The requirement for admission to that program is one of the following:
1. Two years (minimum) undergraduate credit at a college or university
2. An A.A. degree from a two-year college
3. work experience and/or personal study equivalent to two years of undergraduate work in an associated field

In addition to previous study and/or equivalent credit, the student must demonstrate proficiency in logical thinking, written and oral communication, basic, college-level mathematics and personal computer-internet skills.

Students on the two year upper-level accelerated track have a core curriculum with some electives based on 8 three month quarters of study.

In addition to all course work, each student must keep a personal journal that will provide a means of recording their self-discovery and which they can use as a basis for assignments.

This program is non-residential. Primary correspondence is via internet/email and by phone.
The experiential nature of applied consciousness studies, by definition, requires periodic meetings between the staff and the students which will be arranged individually as needed.

Students are also encouraged to attend The International University’s on-going Master Teacher Series either in person, or through the digitally streamed event on line.

Bachelor of Arts Degree/ Applied Consciousness Studies
4 years able to be accelerated to 3 years or 2 years
Courses: 36
Cost: $500 per course
See: Undergraduate Courses

Additional costs:

The experiential nature of applied consciousness studies motivates many students to explore the range of what is offered in the field generally in society.

Our staff is available to supplement the degree program with individual Accelerated Personal Growth and Development coaching sessions. Personal coaching is done in session with the coach and with follow-up email if requested.

Students registered in any of our degree programs qualify for are reduced rate for personal coaching.

The cost of all travel, books and materials will be the responsibility of the student, in addition to tuition.

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