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Bachelor of Arts Degree Courses

Core Courses

All 18 courses must be completed

C100 A: The Theory of Consciousness, part 1: Paradigms of Reality: Models of Reality from the points of view of philosophy, science and religion; the difference between the distinctions of truth, knowledge and belief; matter and energy; time and evolution.

C100 B: The Theory of Consciousness, part 2: Principles of the physical plane; the character of natural law; the symbolic nature of reality; Triadic Theory and the nature of consciousness.

C100 C: The Theory of Consciousness, part 3: The Human Energy System; Triadic Theory and the three domains of Body, Mind and Spirit; Triadic consciousness; the nature of free will and personal responsibility.

C101: Introduction to Spiral Dynamics: an introduction to the SYNERGENICS Process detailing the application of the energy of the spiral to accelerated personal growth and development. Course includes an introductory mini LIFE REVIEW.

C102: Dynamics of Living: Well Being: the conception and process of being whole in life, an introduction to health in the context of well being and physical body management.

C103: Dynamics of Living: Relationships: The experience of fully self realized individuality in affective relationship with others, an introduction the domain of relationships.

C104: Dynamics of Living: Communication: the actualization of the capacity for full self expression in life, an introduction to language, speaking, listening, and integrity through communication.

C105: Dynamics of Living: Creativity and Self Expression: conscious co-creation and full self expression of life’s gifts, an introduction to creativity and self expression.

C106: Dynamics of Living: Purpose: the creation, acceptance and effective management of life opportunities, an introduction to the theory and practice of manifestation through sustained intention.

C107: Dynamics of Living: Resources: the full experience and expression of the abundance available in life, an introduction to prosperity, money, and financial management.

C108: Dynamics of Living: Lifestyle: the understanding and expression of chosen circumstance and condition in life in reference to all areas of life.

C109: Dynamics of Living: Accelerated Personal Growth and Development: engaging the in the question of the possibility of being human and the actualization of the full human potential.

C110: Dynamics of Living: Self Management Systems: a multi-dimensional perspective to the conscious management of ones self in ones life.

C111: Introduction to Learning: Theory and Practice: Deductive, inductive, experiential and integrative learning, including the technology and practice of inquiry and the SYNERGENICS tm learning process.

C112: Physiology of Consciousness: An introduction to Conscious Breathing and other essential Practices of Consciousness focused in and expressed through the physical body.

C113: The Language of Consciousness: The symbology of language, conscious reading and writing/ journaling.

C114: The Process of Transformation: Maps of Consciousness: The study of significant contextual maps of consciousness.

C115: Senior Thesis and/or Personal Project


Students may select 18 electives from the electives listed and/or may propose additional elective courses through Tutorial or Independent Study if approved by the Faculty.

E101: The History of Consciousness through Civilizations/ Ancient times

E102: The History of Consciousness through Civilization/ Modern Times

E103: The Consciousness of civilization in Transition/ Current times

E104: The Philosophy of Consciousness: A study of major philosophers and philosophical theory that has contributed to the understanding of human consciousness and the nature of reality.

E105: The Psychology of Consciousness: A study of the major psychologists and experiential psychological theories that have contributed to the expansion of human consciousness.

E106: The Physics of Consciousness: An introduction to the laws of physical reality, the interface of the physical and the non-physical and the interface between science and mysticism.

E107: The Mechanics of Consciousness: The mechanics of physical reality and life in the physical body.

E108: The Spirit of Consciousness through Comparative Religion: Reading, writing and discussion of the essential nature of universal law as interpreted by some of the world’s major religions, particularly Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaiism, Christianity, Islam and Sufism, and Native American spirituality.
Any student may propose adding the study of a major religion not mentioned here.

E109: Politics and Consciousness: aspects of universal law as interpreted by and expressed through the political arena.

E110: Environmental Consciousness: An introduction to environmental awareness and the practical issues facing the global, cultural, national, regional and personal consciousness at this time.

E111: Cross Cultural Consciousness: a comparative analysis of the nature of consciousness as interpreted and expressed by individual cultures.

E112: The Art of Consciousness: The opportunity to do a major project in the creative, expressive and/or performance arts.

E113: Global Studies: An introduction to universal law in the domain of the world and a colloquium on major existing global issues.

E114: Future Studies: A colloquium in the arena of probability and the potential issues that will arise to be dealt with in the future of the planet.

E115: Consciousness through Service: Project. A project to be designed, manifest and accomplished during the time period of the course.

E116: Self Healing: Project. Investigation of the interface between the physical and the non-physical in the healing process; ritual healing techniques throughout culture; the medical use of the consciousness process; techniques for generating optimal health and the implementation of this knowledge in a project of choice involving a specific area of physical body dis-ease for impactful healing during the time period of the course.

E117: Personal Intensive: Introduction to Intensive Personal Work. The study and practice of the major distinctions of Accelerated Personal Growth and Development.

E118: Personal Transformation: Altered States of Consciousness: the description and initial practice of a variety of altered states of consciousness.

E119: Stories of the Transformation: methods and stories: the Zen Coan, Sufi stories, Parables.

E120: Stories of the Transformation: Fairy Stories, Myths and Legends

E121: Stories of the Transformation: Autobiographies in literature, including beginning a personal autobiography as a Personal Project.

E122: Stories of the Transformation: Allegories: the works of Carlos Castaneda.

E123: Stories of the Transformation: Allegories: the works of J.K. Rowling.

E124: Consciousness in Literature: The works of Herman Hesse: Ego, self and the ground of being; self will transcended; cosmic unity and the integration of consciousness……..through Hesse’s novels.

E124: Consciousness in Transition: The Process of Conscious Transition: an introduction to the process of conscious transition, death and dying.

E125: Transformational Seminars: Landmark Education: the Landmark Forum. Colloquium and written project also required.

E126: Transformational Seminars: Landmark Education: the Advanced Course. Colloquium and written project also required.

E127: Reincarnation, Theory and Process: An introduction to the Reincarnation Project entailing channeling, intuitive access to past lives and the forensic methodology of the validation of past lives.

E128: Gaming Theory and Practice: the useof the Laws of Manifestation in the Gaming arena.

E129: Self Development: The choice of an area of self development to be impactfully manifest during the time period of the course.

E130: Independent study. An area of consciousness selected for study through reading and writing, project development, manifestation and/or service during the time period of the course.

E131: Independent study. Seminar. The guided participation in an outside program or seminar taken during the time period of the course
Colloquium and written project also required.

Reading lists for each course will be provided at the time of course registration.

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