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Community Living Coaching Certificate Program

The Community Living Coaching Program is designed to train, develop and empower participants in the experience of living-in-community and to provide the tools and the life experience necessary to facilitate assisting in the development of fully functional new communities and the re-vivification of already existing communities desiring to function in a new global model.

The Program will focus on all aspects of the real life daily operation of a functioning community in situ in one of the leading New Model communities, globally.

The Program is both academic and practical and has both an on-line and of necessity, a residential component.

The Certificate Program is equivalent to a two year college degree and participants are eligible to be considered for a Bachelor's Degree through The International University if they already have either two years of relevant college credit at an acceptable college or university and/or relevant practical experience that translates to the course outcomes.

The Program also requires intensive reading, writing, in-depth personal work, a practicum and a project in the field.

The requirements for admission into the Program are a profound interest in and sensitivity the potential of living-in-community as a life path, a commitment to service to others in life, a commitment to the vision of global expansion of community and some experience in a related field (Event Management, Hospitality, Facilties Management, Transformational Education, Organic Farming, Permaculture, Culinary Organics, Social Networking, and Communications)

In addition to all course work, each participant must keep a personal journal that will provide a means of recording their personal growth process such that they can use it as a basis for assignments

Course requirements:
20 courses

Course cost: $4500 ($225 per individual course)
Participants may pay for the course in total at registration or, by prior agreement, pay either monthly for the Program or by course.

Additional costs:
The experiential nature of applied universal  studies motivates many participants to explore the range of what is offered in the field generally in society.

It is possible to supplement this Program with individual accelerated personal growth and development sessions.

Participants registered in any of our programs qualify for a reduced rate for personal coaching.