International University - School Of Universal Learning

A Statement of Mission

The mission of The International University’s School Of Universal Learning is to provide a structure for experiential education in conscious evolution and to provide a methodology and processes for the effective application of the principles of conscious evolution to living life at cause and in deep appreciation and respect for the unity of consciousness in life.

The University’s degree process and programs are intended to provide an understanding and means to discover the nature of reality, the nature of consciousness as a context of reality, and the nature of the interactive relationship between consciousness and physical reality.

With an understanding of consciousness, external reality, and the laws that describe the interactive process between the two, it is possible to gain the ability to affect fate and to be at cause in life, rather than at effect.

This ability is not to be taken lightly. The discovery of one's power to manifest at will, to influence relationships, and to inspire external events locally and globally is an extraordinarily powerful prospect. The experience of such power is truly humbling. And with that power, comes the burden of responsibility. However, when one gains power from the limitless potential of consciousness one also gains an understanding of the source of that power. The ultimate discovery of consciousness is, that personal power is attained through alignment with the source of that power. A person who initiates actions and responds to events consciously, with full knowledge of the power of consciousness, is a "response-able" person: a person who demonstrates personal responsibility.

A “response-able” person lives life, free of the limitation of patterns, and can act freely and creatively at any time. This is free will. This is living consciously. This is the mission we have, to train and develop our students.

As Karl Pribram says, “If you are somewhere on the leading edge, you can’t explain everything. If you knew all about it, it wouldn’t be the leading edge.”

Consciousness is always one step ahead of the leading edge. As we approach it, it lures us over that edge. In fact, it is our own consciousness that is compelling us to discover ourselves. “What we are looking for is what is looking” (St. Francis of Assisi).

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